Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery – Vendor Management Engagement

Sourcing Solutions Management

Set Up Vendor Management Policies and Procedures

Project Background

The Client had worked with TBI to competitively bid sourcing of their drug discovery application production support process. Once the vendor was selected, the Client asked TBI to assist them in establishing the vendor relationship during the transition phase.

Problem Summary

The Client had little experience in transitioning a major portion of their software process to an outside company. They needed to create a process for managing the vendor relationship over the long term. The time frame for the transition was very tight so it was particularly important that they incorporate good vendor management processes as soon as possible. In addition, the Client was developing a new Program Office, which is aimed at further incorporating best practice processes in their application life cycle.

TBI’s Approach

TBI recommended a series of best practice procedures for vendor management and worked with the Client to develop these procedures specifically for the Client. During the course of the production support transition with the Vendor, these procedures were put into practice.

TBI developed a Vendor Management Policies and Procedures deliverable that would serve as a guide for the current sourcing relationship and for developing future sourcing relationships.

Successful Business Solutions

The Client received a final deliverable describing the best practice procedures:

  • The Sourcing Life Cycle
  • Vendor Management Organization
  • Administrative Tasks and Skills
  • Vendor Management Calendar
  • Communication and Relationship Management
  • Billing Analysis and Review
  • Performance Analysis and Improvement Procedures
  • Customer Satisfaction Performance Metrics and Reporting
  • Issue and Dispute Resolution Processes
  • Change Management Interface
  • Transition Monitoring

As a result of TBI’s assistance, the Client has a framework for managing the present vendor relationship and for developing other sourcing vendor relationships in the future.

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