Why Use CyberGuide.

All companies are facing the urgent challenge posed by the ever increasing threat and impact of cyber-attacks. That problem is magnified by finite security budgets and rising costs for qualified cyber staff; as demand for help far exceeds supply.

While the costs to maintain secure environments continue to grow, so does the audacity and capability of cyber criminals to penetrate supposedly secure sites.

Also troubling is the tendency for senior management to push this problem down to IT and only deal with it as the business problem that it is after a significant breach occurs.

At TBI, we have responded to these troubling trends by developing an approach that delivers the very best security talent, (both tactical and strategic) as needed, when needed, for a fraction of the cost you would expect.

Please take a look at how it works. We call it Cyber Guide.

  1. CyberGuide’s team of senior security experts offers advice and coaching on implementing Best Security Practices, up to date intelligence on hacking strategies, as well as top tier support on both tactical and strategic levels.
  2. Our advisors are very senior and heavily credentialed in the security space. We are offering you the ability to leverage them on an “as needed, when needed” retainer basis, i.e. get the best advice possible to leverage maximum results and impact; at relatively low cost.
  3. We supplement, not replace, your existing security staff and investment.
  4. Our “Friend of the CISO program” offers a trusted resource to share ideas, recommend strategies and support your security leadership.
  5. Our senior team can quickly give you a knowledgeable and objective perspective on the status and progress of your security program.
  6. If needed on a tactical basis our security toolkit; including methodologies, templates, and frameworks will help create a realistic risk program for your enterprise.

For more information, please contact Stanley Goldman or 201.573.0400 Ext.14

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