Client Cast Study – Digital Rights Protection

How a technoloyg neutral approach leads to holistic solutions.

Client Challenge

Customer wanted to have a system that could securely store sensitive data yet have it accessible by outside vendors. Since proprietary information and security configuration data could be exposed the solution would have to sufficiently balance the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) requirements if the mission was to be successful.

We assembled a team of security experts to discover and assess the true nature of the security posture. The team initially focused on discovery of existing systems. In the process, it became clear there was no internal focus on security at the program level.

We assembled our team of security experts to clarify, update, and achieve executive concurrence on the true goal of the project. After the initial research was completed, the team developed a Project Charter that defined the tasks, empowered true decision makers, established a baseline budget and set a schedule for a proof-of-concept solution.
Leveraging aspects of three different technologies the team designed, built, tested, and delivered a robust solution. This system allowed for full Digital Rights Protection (DRP) of all documentation residing on an isolated and dedicated platform. It also provided AES 256 bit encryption for all data in transit and at rest. Finally, the system provided two-factor authentication capabilities to the public on an “as-approved” basis.
All data was protected via strict processes and access controls that limited access to approved users. Data was also protected against copying, deleting, printing, or modification as part of the DRP implementation. Finally, data was available to on a 24/7 basis to approved personnel. This successfully balanced the CIA requirements.

Business Impact

The customer was able to provide a system demonstration to its prospective client base. With the security challenges addressed, along with the provisioning of on-site support, the system was placed into full protection mode. The end result was a solution that was extremely scalable and minimized the risk exposure of the customer. Their clients were able to work collaboratively and securely, content that all proprietary data was satisfactorily protected. The Return-on-Investment is still being realized today.

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