Help Desk and End User Support

Project Background

This highly successful, global organization is comprised of six diverse business units plus the Corporate Offices. The Company is over 100 years old but several recent acquisitions have introduced a wide range of differing business cultures. The nature of the businesses varies from manufacturing to management services and each is independently managed and directed.

Problem Summary

In this decentralized environment, there is no IT standardization and little reliable base line data available to qualify the range of services or measure performance. A Company-wide “Six Sigma” project was initiated to identify the nature and value of the Help Desk and end user support services available to each division and to recommend alternative ways to effectively deliver these services in a consistent manner across the Corporation.

TBI was asked to serve in a mentoring capacity as the project team addressed this objective. Their effort encompassed all end user computing (“client”) support and Help Desk functions. All sourcing options were considered.

TBI’s Approach

The first task of the project team was to define the nature of the end user support services provided. Extensive data collection processes were completed. The TBI team was asked to review the information that was gathered and assess its usefulness for the required sourcing analyses.

Applying TBI’s due diligence materials and methodologies, the team was able to determine the completeness (breadth) of the information and, by applying a significance rating, was able to assess the quality (depth) of the data. Our focus was on the ultimate requirement to create a financial and service level “base case” against which to measure alternative sourcing strategies.

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