ITIL Implementation

Today’s CIO’s are faced with complex challenges, and with the speed in which business has changed, globalization, mergers, competition, new markets, staying on top of your business is vital.

The CIO has the obligation to ensure that IT services are delivered in the most efficient and effective way possible, but the challenges are greater if the company has merged or been acquired, which creates redundancy in all departments. Making the right decisions based on what opportunity exists to improve services and reduce costs is critical.

Consolidated operations and shared service arrangements, in an ongoing effort to reduce or stabilize costs and maintain that level of service, have over time proven a cost-effective service alternative.

Consolidation and Shared Services has its challenges and difficulties and takes time to implement, but the overall benefits that a corporation gains outweighs all these barriers. If the consolidation and shared-service agreement is done carefully and well thorough out, this well-established method will result in significant saving and improved service.

TBI has a white paper titled, A Perspective on IT Consolidation and Shared Services that provides a comprehensive look at this subject. This white paper can be found under our White Papers section.

This paper was developed to provide general information and to assist clients in supporting a corporation with multi-layered businesses. This paper lays out the benefits of choosing to impalement IT Consolidation and Shared Services for your business environment.

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