IT Assessment

IT Assessment & Strategy

TBI’s assessment philosophy and methodology incorporates a comprehensive view of our customer’s current state, measures that against their overall business strategy and delivers an evaluation of appropriate next steps, if any.
In our process, we look at the effectiveness of the current area we are evaluating, the organizational structure currently in place, the budget, staff skills, and tools and systems currently being deployed.
We then evaluate the baseline information against industry best practices to create a gap analysis of the current state; so that our customers can clearly understand their areas of need.
The final step in our assessment process is to build a set of tactical steps; within an overall strategic plan of action; for our client’s consideration going forward.

The IT Assessment and Strategy can cover all aspects of the IT function, examining costs, performance and methodologies. IT baselines are compared against key performance indicators from TBI proprietary benchmark data bases as well as best practices as seen by TBI in its client work. Gaps are identified and future support directions are determined. An overall strategy is developed for IT to improve the support to the client’s business.

As a first step, we develop a basic understanding of the IT environment, including:

  • Organizations and organizational structure
  • Services provided
  • Service levels
  • Expense and capital budgets
  • Technology infrastructures and directions
  • Application portfolios
  • Staff size and skills
  • Sourcing arrangements in place
  • Issues/constraints Organizations and organizational structure

The second step is to determine the business requirements for IT support, including:

  • Current and future business needs for IT support
  • Gaps between business needs and current services and service levels
  • Major projects underway or planned for the near future
  • Remaining gaps to be filled
  • Funding, staff skills and technology investment required

The third step is the development of the IT strategic plan that describes a roadmap to get our client to the desired end state for the most effective and efficient IT support to the business. TBI works with its clients to develop solutions that are optimal, not only from a business and technology standpoint, but also fit with the management style and cultural and political reality of our client’s organizations. The solution has to be one that ‘works’. The IT strategic plan is then documented for client approval.

The value received by TBI’s clients includes answers to:

  • What has to be done to close the gaps between business needs and IT support?
  • What are the best sources of needed capabilities?
  • What will the IT function look like in the future?
  • How to ensure alignment of IT and business objectives?
  • What is the optimal transition to the desired end state for IT?
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