Enterprise Wide Operations – Best Practices

Health Insurance Provider

Project Background

A large health insurance provider was involved in a far-reaching enterprise transformation activity which included the selection of a new software package to manage operations. Due to the size of the investment required, before the selection could be finalized the Board of Directors requested a review of the business strategy and the choice of a system implementation firm.

Problem Summary

There were a number of steps to be accomplished. First, in a very short period of time, a strategy consulting firm had to be selected, then a systems implementer, as well as professional services contracts with the software package and other assorted services vendors. Everything had to be competitively bid and results presented to a non-technical audience: the Board of Directors as well as senior company management.

TBI’s Approach

TBI assembled a team of experienced consultants to conduct each phase of each project. In selecting a strategy consulting firm, TBI worked with the audit committee of the Board, preparing an RFP, evaluating responses, checking references and conducting oral examinations of the bidders. In selecting the system implementation firm a similar process was followed albeit with more vendors, and the audience was the senior operating management of the client. In both cases TBI led the contract negotiations with both winning bidders. TBI also provided contract negotiation services for other professional services vendors and also reviewed the original software package selection process. In receiving all these services the client was assured of the best practice approach to the enterprise transformation and software system implementation.

Successful Business Solutions The client received:

The client received:

  • Best practices contract with a strategy consulting firm
  • Best practices contract with a systems implementation firm
  • Education in services contract negotiation
  • Education in vendor selection processes
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