Cloud Readiness Advisory Services

TBI’s Cloud Readiness Advisory Services provide our clients with a holistic view of their environment as it relates to cloud computing adoption, including critical technologies, business processes and skills. They are designed to assist clients on their journey to cloud computing maturity. It is important to understand if your organization is ready to move to cloud computing, and, if there are gaps, what they are and how can they be resolved.

Transitioning applications and infrastructure to the cloud is a complex undertaking. Even with an experienced IT team, a slow implementation of a cloud strategy will delay the desired return on investment, while going too fast will lead to rework and sub-optimized choices. In the absence of appropriate preparation, the risk of deployment and operational failure increases exponentially. Integration of systems and applications required to automate provisioning and orchestration of the cloud may end up being cumbersome and expensive.

TBI’s Cloud Readiness Advisory Services provides reports that map current industry cloud capabilities to the current state of your cloud capabilities, taking into account your organizational priorities and challenges. They can identify gaps and surface areas that need attention early in order to expedite the realization of the advantages of cloud computing.

TBI’s Cloud Readiness Advisory Services are composed one or more of the following elements, tailored to your specific environment and needs:

  • Cloud Strategy Development – review your cloud strategy, offer feedback, and understand your organization’s drivers to move to the cloud
  • Business Case & Financial Management Models – understand the organizational justifications for cloud computing that adds value to the organization’s mission. Review cloud financial models to understand how costs will be budgeted for, allocated across the user base, and funded. The models also provide insight into benefits realization of leveraging a cloud architecture
  • Cloud Migration Readiness – assess the migration plans for any existing technologies for necessary detail and highlight risk
  • Architecture & Technology – assess both the target cloud computing technologies as well as the existing technologies of components identified as candidates for migration.Review the age of existing physical infrastructure and verify what has to be changed to get the environment “cloud ready” (e.g., is virtualization in place; is data effectively managed, protected, and understood)
  • Security – assess the current security controls and provide insight on how those controls can be mapped to or enhanced in the new cloud environment
  • Organizational Change & Process Analysis – assess current processes as well as intended cloud processes (e.g., are existing processes documented and followed; does a service catalog for cloud exist)
  • Disaster Recovery – clarify the business requirements for recovery after an interruption of service and define the capabilities required to deploy disaster recovery in the cloud for both cloud-based and non-cloud-based environments
  • Migration Planning Roadmap – define specific data collection activities in enough detail to build a comprehensive migration plan that can be executed
  • Program Governance, Program Mgmt.,PMO – structures in place to manage all of the activities required to leverage cloud computing.

TBI’s Cloud Readiness Advisory Services can answer the following types of questions:

  1. How will our current processes for change and release need to change when user groups can self-provision resources?
  2. How will our existing compliance controls perform in a more highly automated virtual world of shared resources?
  3. Is our organization prepared to deal with a financial model that accounts for IT or applications based on usage and metered as a service?
  4. Do we have the right architecture defined?
  5. Is our data being protected in compliance with any policy or legal requirements?
  6. Do we know which of our organization’s business cases would benefit the most from moving to the cloud?
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