Business Process

IT Assessment & Strategy

The IT Assessment and Strategy can cover all aspects of the IT function, examining costs, performance and methodologies. IT baselines are compared against key performance indicators from TBI proprietary benchmark data bases as well as best practices as seen by TBI in its client work. Gaps are identified and future support directions are determined. An overall strategy is developed for IT to improve the support to the client’s business.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

TBI’s Business Process Consulting service is an in-depth analysis of a company’s business processes. Beginning with a general assessment, this service can take a number of different directions based on initial outcomes. TBI will recommend business alignment tactics followed up with a strategic plan for implementation, including process re-engineering, application software opportunities and sourcing alternatives.

Vendor Management Services

Focused on establishing successful long term relationships with vendors to whom provision of services or goods have been selectively or fully outsourced and on implementation of procurement best practices for contracting with vendors.

TBI’s Vendor Management Services provide our clients with support and guidance in evaluating current relationship management practices, improving the vendor management process, and defining and executing strategies for reducing the number of different suppliers for goods and services in order to leverage enterprise procurement and minimize procurement overhead. TBI also provides contract renegotiation guidance and assistance to clients to introduce improved terms and conditions and address client needs for improved quality of services and/or reduced pricing. These services are closely related to TBI’s Governance Services as well as the services offered through our Strategic Outsourcing practice.

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