Key Cyber Talking Points

  1. Security is a business problem, often regarded as a technology problem, that requires both a tactical and strategic solution
  2. You need to take a 360 degree holistic approach to cover the business issues that can be impacted by security breaches. A 100% tactical only solution can “paint” you into an unfixable business corner.
  3. Risk from breaches from hackers is increasing, as cyber thieves are getting more sophisticated and bold.
  4. There is a talent shortage for top security strategists. It’s a numbers game, and there are simply not enough security professionals available to keep pace with the increase in cyber-criminal hacking attempts.
  5. The success rate and costs of security breaches are increasing.
  6. Security is a Board of Directors and Executive Leadership level issue. Do they even know the quality of your security program?
  7. Some of the biggest threats to today’s corporate environment are the growing use of mobile devices that hold corporate data, inappropriate actions by internal staff with respect to following security policies and the increasing rate of technology deployment stressing current security practices and budget.
  8. Moving to the cloud is the all too easy answer for solving your security concerns.
  9. Growth of cloud service usage has actually increased the attack surface for the hacking community
  10. More regulation creates more opportunities for risk – it’s hard to keep up with all the required changes.
  11. Stealing technology is a very lucrative business.
  12. A good security plan demands proactive measures, including technology upgrades, awareness and employment of the latest tactical measures and staying current with new cyber strategies.
  13. By 2020 there will be 200 billion connected things; including toys, baby monitors, cars, home security, TV’s, medical devices, traffic controls, etc. The list is almost endless. Our reliance on technology is now unstoppable and will only continue to grow.
  14. Great tactical planning can only take you so far against the hacking community. These plans need to be generated as a result of creating an overall strategic plan; strengthened by policies that lead to processes and result in an ongoing governance program that will support a continuous improvement cycle.
  15. Do only tactical planning and you will simply be “keeping up” with criminal hacking strategies.

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