The Capital Group of Companies

– Service Management Assessment & Implementation

The Challenge

Capital Group is an international financial services firm with a 3000 person IT department, spanning the globe servicing their $1.5 trillion in assets. The IT staff was very talented, with an average employment duration of 15 years at the company; but had little incentive to invoke change.

New IT management realized that while they were more than fully staffed, their internal business customers were not being appropriately served. The company had many IT tools, but were severely lacking in processes to handle their continued growth, demand for new customer service or quickly resolve tactical IT emergencies.

The TBI Solution

TBI provided a team of senior consultants, with significant IT and service management experience. TBI conducted an assessment, using the ITIL framework, of the company’s ability to service their customers and the staff’s readiness to invoke change. They also evaluated global IT processes for services and capability with respect to incident, problem, change, configuration and capacity management.

Based on this assessment, TBI developed an Adoption Program to focus on improving the company’s reactive posture to one of a higher functioning, proactive, highly responsive service deliverer.

The Results

  1. Defined the planning process, the program goals, its measure for success and its connection to the new strategic IT plan, a Service Delivery Program charter was adopted.
  2. A global cross functional team was created to manage this process, with TBI serving as the coach & mentor for the entire effort.
  3. A corporate communications plan was enacted; as part of the development and enhancement of the company’s Change Management process.
  4. Worked with the company staff to create a strategic handbook for Change Management to serve as a guide for a smooth cultural transition.
  5. A three stage Execution Plan was developed that included planning and coordination, building planning & implementation of template guides,facilitation workshops,focused data collection and analysis and metrics creation to insure the timely production of agreed deliverables.

As a result, the company was able to enact significant process change for incident, problem, and capacity management.

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