Platinum – Retainer Based Services

Strategic Services


  1. Review and /or develop current Security Strategy
    1. What is the company security vision? How will it be realized?
  2. Review and or develop new security roadmap
    1. How will the company successfully achieve the security visions?
  3. Involved in planning of overall security strategy/methodology
    1. Determine milestones and schedule
  4. Evaluate the value of your current or planned cyber risk investment (i.e. – the cost of what you have vs what you need) current or planned
  5. Assist in developing/reviewing current or planned cyber policies and procedures
    1. Make sure policies and procedure are clear, concise, and aligned with business
  6. Evaluate your business risks; given your current cyber security capabilities, policies and procedures (in case of a breach)
  7. Consult/communicate with your senior stakeholders on potential new or escalating risk
    1. Articulate current threat vectors and risk expectations
  8. Provide direction for your risk mitigation efforts (prevention, detection and reduction of impact)
    1. Ensure proposed solutions will accomplish the necessary risk mitigation
  9. Facilitate alignment between business owners
  10. Develop a Governance Charter; including definition of roles & responsibilities
    1. Get buy-in from the business owners – The C-Suite and IT
  11. Guide development of security policies, strategies and processes
  12. Align cyber strategy to the corporate business plan, so that business risk becomes part of the overall risk management strategy
  13. Review of your true security defense capability
    1. Provide unbiased expertise to accurately assess and report on company security capability
  14. Deficiency analysis of your current security program
    1. Part of the result of the previous service
  15. Review of your cloud security posture
    1. We will review the plan, architecture, migration strategy, administration and continuous monitoring actions for either the planned or existing cloud computing presence

if you’re interested in learning more about our Cyber Security Services you can contact Stanley Goldman by email at Stanley Goldman or 201.573.0400 Ext.14

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