Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The TBI Business Process Outsourcing Service provides our clients with a clear understanding of the benefits, costs, risks and timing of outsourcing and facilitates their ability to make an informed business decision about outsourcing and with whom.

IT Outsourcing may encompass

Business Validity (Internal Assessment)

  • Understanding the current baseline of services, service levels and costs
  • Understanding the business objectives: costs, services, service levels, access to technology and resources, changes in business requirements

Procurement (External Assessment)

  • Developing a request for proposal document with business requirements, performance requirements, business terms and conditions and pricing requirements
  • Developing the evaluation criteria to objectively rank the potential vendors
  • Evaluating the vendor candidates through their proposals, presentations, reference checking and site visits


  • Negotiating pricing, scope of services and terms and conditions and completing a legal contract
  • Planning the efficient transition to the outsourced state
  • Establishing the governance processes, reporting and contract management requirements

The value received by TBI’s clients includes:

  • Business driven validation of the impact that outsourcing could have on the company’s IT support levels and costs
  • Clear and objective views of vendor capabilities and offerings
  • Flexible contractual arrangements to accommodate future business change
  • Governance processes to ensure a strong and enduring vendor relationship
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